Acceptance of Teacher Training Students from Overseas through Japanese Government Scholarships

The Faculty of Education at Shimane University accepts Teacher Training Students from overseas through the Japanese Government Scholarship program, with the aim of providing school teachers working overseas with opportunities to learn about Japanese lesson studies and other topics.


Where Are Students from?  (2011-2021)

Myanmar, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Thai, Vietnam, Belarus, Morocco, Lithuania, Fiji, Malawi, Korea


Number of students to be accepted: 10 students

Preparatory Japanese Language Education

Students are requested to take Japanese language courses at a university designated by MEXT for the first six months. Shimane University also offers Japanese language lessons.

Academic Training

A special curriculum and individual tutoring will be carefully planned to help students carry on their research most efficiently.
International students can participate in field trips to a variety of sites (historical and cultural sites, government and educational institutions, etc.) and local homestays.

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